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Track suits fabrics with thermal protection function.
3*1 and 2*2 light weight mesh fabric.
Team uniform fabric with fast dry function.
Bird eye pattern polyester fabric with hight visibility function.
Air channel designed polyester fabric for motorcyclist cloths.

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Sport Technical Textiles

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240 gr/m2, 100% Pa 6.6, Warp Knit Fabric
 Fabric for Military Shoes

%100 polyamide 6.6 warp knit fabric for heavy duty and military shoes.

ArMoto Dura is made of high tenacity polyamide fibers.

For the military shoes industry it is popular fabric to laminate on base and edge of shoes.

Technical Parameters

Fiber 100% HT Polyamide (PA 6.6) TS EN ISO 1833
Yarn 300 Denier EN ISO 2060
Weight 240 ±5 gr/m2 TS EN 12127
Width 1500 ±20 mm TS EN 1773
Bursting strength > 5000 kPa (kN/m2) TS EN 13938-1
Dimensinal Change -5% < Length < +5% ; -5% < Width < +5% TS EN ISO 5077
Abrasion Resistance @50000 TS EN 530
Rubbing Fastness 4 EN ISO 105 X12
Perspiration Fastness 4-5 EN ISO 105 E04
Washing Fastness 4-5 EN ISO 105 C01
Dry Cleaning Fastness 4-5 EN ISO 105 D01
Hypochlorite Fastness 4-5 EN ISO 105 N01
Hot Press Fastness 4-5 EN ISO 105 X11
Light Fastness 4-5 EN ISO 105 B02
pH 6.2 EN ISO 3071
Azo Test No Azo Colorants. EN ISO 14362-1
Application Military Shoes
Quality Management Done ISO 9001

Technical Documents

>> ArMoto Dura Data Sheet




Oeko Tex Standard 100
Safe Textile

Care Instructions

60'C Machine Wash
60'C Machine Wash

No Chlorine Based Bleaching
No Chlorine Based Bleaching

Drip Dry
Drip Dry

Maximum 150'C Warm Iron
Maximum 150'C Warm Iron

Suitable for Dry Cleaning
Suitable for Dry Cleaning

Colors and Article Numbers

  Black PN-96686-1 - STANDARD - ArMoto Dura- 5346
  White PNO 10464-1 - STANDARD - ArMoto Dura- 5347
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